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Meet The Owner

Dave Jones began his career at Ammon Landscape in the Spring of 1994.  He came to Ammon Landscape with previous experience from Landmark Design Inc., in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Dave has a degree in landscape architecture from Purdue University.

Dave, his wife Shirley and his two daughters reside in Northern Kentucky.  They are active members in the community and ejoy camping as a family.

Dave and Shirley, Owners

The Art of Landscape Design

Some homes seem to have a charm and beauty all their own, to be in such perfect harmony with nature that they are visual delights - works of art.  The harmony between nature and man-made structures is no accident.  Just as a beautiful home is the result of good architectural planning, the natural environment which surrounds and enhances that beauty is the result of sound landscape design.  Working with nature for over 50 years, the landscape designers at Ammon-Jones Landscape have been transforming both homes and businesses in the tri-state area into environmental masterpieces.    

The Science of Landscape

The work of an artist who paints with brushes on canvas lasts unchanged for years, but the artistry of Ammon-Jones change and grow more beautiful with each passing year.


That's why knowledge and experience are so important in landscaping.  We design not only for today, but for many years to come.  The science of good landscaping involves knowledge of soil conditions, drainage, plant growth rates, sunlight, wind and the changes in foliage color from one season to the next.  Ammon-Jones wants your property to look beautiful today and even more beautiful in the years ahead.  

All At Once or Step by Step

Ammon-Jones Landscape can transform your property into a place of beauty in one single step from design to plant installation, or, working with you we can design a three or five-year program.


Good landscape design can provide, privacy, block out views you don't want to see or enhance those you do.  In can help reduce noise, cut the harsh glare of sunlight by day or of other lights by night.  In can provide a welcome refuge from the harsh winds of winter, which may reduce heating costs.  In can provide safe play areas as well as areas of quiet enjoyment.   

Large or Small - City, Suburbs or Country

The landscape designers at Ammon-Jones have been called upon to handle almost every conceivable kind of landscape work, including large country estates, small urban townhouses, shopping malls, amusement parks, business and industrial properties, civic buildings and homes like yours.


We've brought the beauty of the outdoors inside atriums, malls and arcades, and we've transformed the outdoors into more usable, more enjoyable and more beautiful environments for thousands of Greater Cincinnatians.  

The Landscaping Investment

Landscaping by Ammon-Jones is not just an investment in better living, it is also a sound monatary investment because it increases the value of your property.

We invite you to call or visit Ammon-Jones Landscape to discuss your landscaping needs.  We will be glad to come to your home or business, make landscaping planting decisions and provide you with a cost quotation.

After your landscape plan is finalized and plant selections have been made, an experienced crew will prepare the soil, install the plants, prune, mulch, and do a final clean-up so your new landscape is ready to enjoy.

Whether you are in Ohio, Boone, Kenton, or Campbell County or Indiana, we can accommodate any requests such as a landscape design, irrigation systems or ground maintenance.  We are a full service landscape contractor.  

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